My Finished Project

Download and explore for yourselves the magical world of Balinese Gamelan Music, by working through a fully interactive educational iBook that explores all the main features behind the music, looks at a variety of different ensembles, gives users a chance to play on their own Digital instrument and provides valuable teaching resources for prospective teachers.… Continue reading My Finished Project

Chapter 4 – Teaching Resources

Chapter 4 is quite a last minute decision to add into my iBook, but one I believe is quite essential, as this iBook is aimed towards Stage 4-6 students, but how are they going to be taught the content if it's not being taught by me? Of course teacher's who want to sue this resource… Continue reading Chapter 4 – Teaching Resources

Chapter 2 – Exploring the Ensemble

After exploring some features present in Balinese gamelan music in Chapter 1, Chapter 2 delves deeper into the types of ensembles and the instruments present in these ensembles. In First semester in Non-Western Music, we undertook a test about the different types of Gamelan ensembles, which included identifying each ensemble based off listening and recall… Continue reading Chapter 2 – Exploring the Ensemble